Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Hair Removal Services in Munster

Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal is the premier hair removal and picosure tattoo removal clinic in Northwest Indiana. Our certified laser technicians work with Dr. Dominic Tolitano and utilize the most advanced laser technology. We provide the safest treatments, fastest results and most comfortable laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal at our  Northwest Indiana location. Our laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal clinics offer free consultations and competitive pricing.

Our Munster office has been in operation since 2016 and has served thousands of clients. Located in Plaza del Prado on Calumet Avenue next to the Red Lobster and across from the Pepsi bottling plant, this office has ample parking in the lot directly outside our front door! The lasers are operated in the hands of our certified laser technician, who specializes in laser tattoo and hair removal services.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Northwest Indiana

Laser Technology

Our technicians use the most advanced laser technologies and equipment available – the Quanta Q Plus C and the CynoSure RevLite. Bare is also one of the leading providers of laser tattoo removal in Northwest Indiana. Our lasers use cutting-edge nanosecond technology that is specifically designed to target all tattoo colors on all skin types, with speedy results and minimal discomfort (many of our clients liken the sensation to the snap of a firm rubber band against their skin).

Guaranteed Results

You will begin to see clearer skin and reduced tattoo lines after just a few simple treatments.

Experienced Technicians

Laser tattoo removal is our area of expertise. Our friendly staff has the experience of performing tattoo removal procedures daily and helping make you comfortable. We also never judge and always make sure we keep your information confidential.

Laser Hair Removal in Northwest Indiana

Fast Results For Smoother Skin

Our hair removal treatments are virtually painless and provide clinically proven results.

Quick Treatment Sessions

Each of our hair removal treatments will last from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the treatment area.

Reduce Rate of New Hair Growth

After an initial treatment, subsequent applications every 4 to 8 weeks will help to minimize hair growth significantly over time.

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Find out why we are one of the top-rated tattoo removal clinics in Indiana. If you live in Northwest Indiana and want to learn more about our laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal services, contact us today!




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