Getting a tattoo is more common than ever in today’s world, with an increasingly large number of people choosing to put artwork and writing on their skin as a form of self-expression. We love great tattoo artwork and respect the artists out there. Unfortunately, not everyone does great work and not all clients get something they’ll love forever. Fortunately, laser tattoo removal clinics can help. 

Laser tattoo removal is a viable option for those who want to remove body art they’ve come to regret. Laser tattoo removal can be a lengthy process, and multiple sessions are required to permanently remove a tattoo.

If you want your tattoo gone, it can be frustrating waiting for it to disappear. You may be wondering: how long does laser tattoo removal take to heal? To speed up the fading process of laser tattoo removal, there are several things you can do.

We’ve compiled the top 5 ways on how to heal laser tattoo removal. These are best practices to ensure your unwanted tattoo will fade as fast as possible.

Also, please note that nothing in this post should be construed as medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider before undergoing any treatments. 


  • Avoid Sun Exposure


The most important thing to do when your skin is healing from laser removal is to avoid sun exposure. The laser treatments should only be performed on healthy skin that has not been burned from the sun. After treatment, the skin may need healing time and should not be exposed to sun for at least two weeks. 

Further, if your skin is too tanned, then the laser’s effectiveness won’t be as great. You may then need to return for more sessions. Make sure to cover your tattoo from the sun at all times.


  • Exercise More


Exercise isn’t just beneficial for your physical shape. By exercising more often, your blood circulation will drastically improve — which can aid with the tattoo removal healing process. It will lead to your tattoos fading faster, as an increased blood flow helps to flush out the ink from your body.


  • Stay Hydrated


When healing from tattoo removal, staying hydrated is a great way to speed up the recovery process. Drinking lots of water is good for the general protection of your skin, since it helps to flush out toxins. Therefore, it is beneficial to increase your water intake when undergoing laser tattoo removal.

Drinking more water will speed up the healing process as it will help the ink process through your body quicker. Also, you’ll have clearer and healthier-looking skin as a side effect of drinking so much water!


  • Avoid Smoking


Smoking can drastically reduce the effect of laser tattoo removal since it can lead to blood vessel constriction. Smoking prevents blood from circulating effectively in your body and helping your tattoo to fade. If you’re an avid smoker, then try to cut back or stop entirely.


  • Space Treatments Further ApartGet Enough Sleep


Spacing treatments further apart gives your body more time to fade the tattoo ink, leading to more complete results per treatment. If you’re not in a rush to remove your tattoo as quickly as possible, we recommend spacing treatments out longer – 6 to 8 weeks. Our minimum wait time between treatments is 4 weeks.


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