Soprano XL at Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal in Chicago and Munster

The Soprano XL diode laser for hair removal works on all skin types and is virtually painless!

That’s right, Bare Tattoo Removal is now offering laser hair removal in addition to our amazing laser tattoo removal treatments! Since our old name no longer encompasses our services, we made a minor tweak: we are now Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal.

Our laser tattoo removal clients have been asking us for years to begin offering laser hair removal – so we’re thrilled help more people be happier with their bodies.

What makes Bare’s laser hair removal technology so great?

Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal’s whole philosophy is to offer the most advanced laser technology at an affordable cost. Our hair removal laser is the Alma Soprano XL. It’s considered the gold-standard for laser hair removal with an 810-nm diode laser that is effective on all skin types. The best part: it’s virtually painless!

We’ll be blogging more in the future to elaborate on the treatment process and technology so sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned! You can also email us with questions at (we’re still working on updating our email addresses 🙂 ).

What else has changed at Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal?

Our website is now but the old website (and previous blog posts on laser tattoo removal) are still available on the old site,

Please note that laser hair removal is only available at our Chicago South Loop clinic and not in Munster, Indiana. We hope to offer laser hair removal in Munster soon.

What’s next for Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal?

In addition to Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal clinics in the South Loop of Chicago and Munster, Indiana, we’ll be opening our 3rd office in downtown Chicago in the Loop in February of 2017! More details to come on that soon so connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest developments and discounts!