Getting a tattoo is a matter of choice. Today, more and more people show interest in the most diverse body art, using tattoos as a form of self-expression. Getting a tattoo in today’s world is also extremely safe, thanks to strict hygiene measures and the use of disposable needles.

However, many of those who have gotten a tattoo end up deciding that they no longer want it. They go online and try to find out the answer to this question: “What does laser tattoo removal do?” 

In the paragraphs below, we’ll shed some light on the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, along with additional information on how to choose the best clinic for such services.


Inquire About Laser Technologies

This is the number one thing to inquire about and is also the most complex topic. The most basic advice we can offer regarding laser tattoo removal technology is to make sure that the respective clinic uses Q-switched laser technologies with the right wavelengths for your tattoo colors. 

1064 is the most common tattoo removal wavelength in the industry and primarily targets black ink. 694 targets blue and green hues while 532 removes red and orange tattoo ink colors. Other ink colors like purple and yellow may respond to these wavelengths but are especially difficult to remove.

 In your research about laser tattoo removal technologies, you may hear about “Pico” or “Picosecond” lasers (vs. nanosecond). We believe the difference in these technologies is minimal and that the marketing of pico lasers is more impressive than the technology itself. Picosecond lasers are marketed as the latest, greatest technological advancement but results are often similar with much higher pricing. Check out our page that compares pico vs nano technology here for more details.

You’ll also want to make sure to ask about the last time their laser technology was serviced. Tattoo removal lasers require maintenance, just like a car. The more you use it, the more often it should be serviced for optimal performance. Annual preventative maintenance servicing is the expectation. So, be sure to ask when the laser was last serviced! 

Such equipment can remove tattoos of various colors, offering excellent results regardless of the skin type. The discomfort associated with the procedure should be minimal and feels like a firm rubber band snapping repeatedly.

Experience in Tattoo Removal

If you’re wondering why laser tattoo removal is not working, perhaps you are in the wrong place. Experienced technicians can provide a safe treatment, with the results being noticed after a few sessions. They perform such procedures daily, knowing how to handle even the most complex tattoo removals.

These technicians are certified to use laser technologies for the removal of tattoos. Before you decide on a particular clinic, it might be a good idea to inquire about their certifications. 

You should also choose a technician who has both the qualifications and training to perform the removal procedure. Don’t be shy — ask your prospective laser technician how many laser treatments they’ve performed using their specific technology and on clients with comparable tattoos and skin types. 

It’s worth mentioning that you may recognize someone with experience from a distance. Reputable clinics take their time to present their services, offering customized solutions to your needs. Their technicians are ready to answer any question you might have, detailing the removal process and how to take care of the respective care after the procedure.


Referrals and Reviews

Not sure which clinic is the best? Talk to friends, family members or consult online resources that have dealt with tattoo removals before. Referrals can help you identify a great service and find the best prices. In this way, you’ll no longer have to ask yourself how much is needed to get laser tattoo removal.

You might also want to check out customer reviews. If these are positive, the respective clinic is more likely to be professional and worth your time. On social media, you can also see a clinic might handle customer complaints and identify potential red flags.

Additional Info

A reputable clinic will always welcome its clients with a free consultation. Initial consultations are necessary to assess which tattoos you want removed and offer information on the removal process. That way, you can make an informed decision before going any further. You should ask to see before and after pictures, to verify a technician’s level of experience and see evidence of actual results.

When looking at potential providers, we recommend inquiring about solutions that will help minimize the pain associated with the procedure. For instance, technicians might use cooling machines or ice packs. 

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