There is a lot of misinformation regarding laser tattoo removal. We’ve decided to clear up the most common confusion and provide you with some interesting tattoo removal facts. Some are incredibly weird too! In an upcoming post we’ll also debunk common tattoo removal myths.

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Tattoo Removal Facts

The laser doesn’t remove your ink

Your body does. The laser shatters the ink into small pieces that your body will then treat as a foreign substance and process through your lymphatic system.  Over the subsequent weeks following treatment, your body will get to work and the tattoo will gradually fade.

Water and exercise will help speed up the fading, smoking will slow progress down

Because your body is processing the ink, the more water and exercise you get, the more your body can “process” the ink. Smoking can actually result in you needing more laser tattoo removal treatments because the body has to process all the chemicals in cigarettes in addition to your tattoo ink.

Some people can taste the ink during laser tattoo removal

A common ingredient in tattoo ink called iron oxide can be tasted during the removal process. While not harmful, this can be an unpleasant taste. Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal technicians always keep spare mints in the office in case you’re one of the lucky 5% of people to experience this.

Tattoos on some body parts are easier to remove than others

The closer the tattoo is to your heart and neck, the easier it is for your body to process the ink. These locations are closer to the organs that help process the tattoo ink and get better blood flow.

Time between treatments helps with the removal

As mentioned earlier, your body is processing the ink and that takes time. At Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks between treatments. Since more fading will happen at weeks 5 and 6, you will need fewer treatments the more patient you are because each session will show more progress with the additional time between treatments.

Amateur ink is removed easier than professional tattoo ink

As the folks at RealSelf point out in their handy post discussing various things you should know about tattoo removal, amateur ink is removed easier than professional ink. Professional tattoo artists tend to use higher quality ink, tattoo more densely with professional tattoo guns, and go deeper with the ink. All these factors make professional tattoos more difficult to remove than amateur ink.

This post contains just a few interesting facts. If you’re looking for more interesting tattoo removal facts, continue poking around on our blog for more info!