Many aspects of regular grooming routines may turn you off. From razor burn to bumps, the itchy regrowth phase, ingrown hairs related to shaving, and the awkward exchange between you and the person tending to your bikini zone. 

Consider laser hair removal to avoid the pesky downsides of shaving or waxing.  

The temptation to go bare down there without all the upkeep is enticing. However, before you take the plunge and commit to laser treatment, here is all you need to know about Brazilian laser hair removal


It is Usually Safe, Even in Sensitive Areas

While there are risks associated with any cosmetic procedure, Brazilian laser hair removal is safe. 

Areas of the body not exposed to the sun have fewer complications following laser hair removal treatment so, if you aren’t sunbathing in the nude, your risks of potential complications are virtually non-existent!


Possible Side Effects

As noted earlier, there are still potential risks with this cosmetic procedure. Let’s delve into some of the more common side effects:


Redness and Irritation

Laser hair removal can cause redness and irritation but, does laser hair removal hurt

You may experience mild pain during your session however, it will be minimal. Patients often describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. You should not feel anything too serious. 

Laser hair removal can cause temporary irritation to the treated area. After your laser treatment, you may notice a slight redness, small bumps, and swelling in the affected region. 

These effects are minor and temporary and are similar to irritation felt after a Brazilian wax.

Avoid using any products that can further irritate your skin, such as scented body lotions or soaps for a few days. 

After laser hair removal, keep all treated areas out of direct sunlight. Also, refrain from using any other hair removal products – this means no wax or plucking at stray hairs with tweezers.


Changes in skin color

After your session, you may notice some changes to the pigment of your skin. 

If you have a lighter complexion, you may notice slightly darker skin in the treated areas. If your skin tone is darker, you may notice lighter changes. There is no cause for alarm; the change is temporary. Most changes in skin color clear up within weeks after the treatment.



After a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you may notice your skin feels dry. In some instances, this can cause crusting. 

Crusting is a common side effect that can occur after a laser hair removal treatment, so there is no need to panic. To alleviate excessive dryness, apply a healing ointment such as petroleum jelly. You can generously apply the balm to the dry and crusty areas of your skin. It will soothe the treated area and relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing post-session. Ensure you talk to your technician before applying anything to the irritated area.   


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Laser hair removal may be one of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair from your body. 

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