The Painful-looking Laser Tattoo Removal Video Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

People with tattoo regret often want to see laser tattoo removal video footage as a first step. Videos can help people know what to expect. Unfortunately, the most popular videos are rarely the videos that show a typical treatment.

We all want to see the worst of the worst – while that can be interesting to watch, it doesn’t help with setting accurate expectations. It’s not helpful to show the person who is being overly-dramatic, nor is it helpful to show the person putting on their “tough guy face.” We think that showing a typical tattoo removal video is more useful.

Another factor to consider is the specific technology being used in the video. There is a range of laser technologies out there so there is a good chance you may be watching treatment that has outdated equipment or lasers that are not the best at targeting tattoo ink pigment.

So, we thought it would be helpful to post one of our Laser Removal Videos of an average treatment using the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available. The tattoo is black and on the neck, which is a common scenario. You can also check out a whole host of videos on our YouTube Channel. All videos are using either a Quanta Q+C laser or a RevLite SI laser. These are Q-switched YAG lasers with various wavelengths that can target a range of colors on all skin types.

What to Look for In A Typical Treatment Video

In our laser tattoo removal video you can see the white frost appear on his neck and hear the snapping sounds. It’s certainly not painful, nor is it the most pleasant experience. Our client is neither in extreme pain and flailing around screaming, nor is he completely comfortable.

Most people describe the sensation as similar to that of a rubber band snapping. The white frost is temporary and will go away after a few minutes.

If you decide to call up a local laser tattoo removal provider, be sure to ask about their technology and make sure it’s the latest and will work on your particular tattoo and skin type. If they can’t show examples of similar tattoos that they worked on, walk away.