Are you always browsing for tattoo ideas but nervous about taking the plunge and getting a tattoo? The effect of tattoos on your immune system might convince you to go for it. Scientists have been curious about how tattoo ink stays in our bodies, and its ability to boost the immune system.

Various studies that observed the body’s response to tattoo ink have concluded that people with tattoos may have extra-strong immune systems. Is getting your skin tattooed the solution to common colds? How does it actually help immune strength?

How the Ink Actually Works

Tattoo ink is deposited through a mechanized needle that punctures the skin and injects the ink. The tattoo needle punches between fifty and three thousand times per minute through the outer layer of the skin to reach the deeper layer where the nerves and blood cells are.

The tattoo application process causes damage to the skin and inflames the area. Right after the tattooing session, the ink appears sloppy as it is dispersed as fine granules in the upper dermis but becomes more concentrated and clearer within seven to thirteen days.

Tattoos Strengthen Your Body’s Immunological Responses

When the body finds a wound, it responds by sending white blood cells to the site to protect you from an infection. It then starts to create antibodies to defend itself from potential threats. The injection and subsequent damage to the skin trigger immunological responses to protect you from infections and defend against more potential threats.

Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that ‘eat’ unwanted debris which finds its way into the body. When you get a blister, cut, or other damage to the skin – such as a new tattoo – macrophages build up in the area. They start to feed on the intruder to stop it from damaging your health.

When you get a new tattoo, these macrophages gather at the site to collect the ink. The pigment particles are, however, too big to be eaten so they stay on the skin. Eventually, the macrophages die and release the ink.

Here is How it Increases the Body’s Ability to Fight Off Infections

Once the ink is released by the macrophages, your body reacts to the pigments like it is fresh ink again. The process is repeated, and then new macrophages reach the site to take on the ink. This is a cycle that keeps happening over and over again.

This immune response to create these antibodies is not only to defend the tattoo site but your whole body against infections and other potential threats. As it is a cycle, your body maintains immunity strength. You become less susceptible to infections throughout your entire body.

Tattoo ink fades over time as macrophages die and are not replaced. To replace or improve current methods of laser tattoo removal, which break up the pigment particles until they are small enough to be eaten, scientists are now exploring the possibility of removing tattoos by extracting the macrophages from the skin.

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Whether you were hesitant to get your first tattoo or worried that you have too many for it to be healthy, the effects on the immune system are a positive factor to consider. Do not ditch your healthy habits if you have tattoos, but it is helpful to have an extra immunological boost.

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