Like with anything, people can change their minds when it comes to tattoos. A tattoo you got when you were younger may no longer be something you like or which represents you. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, tattoos are reversible.

Laser tattoo removal is an effective and safe way to remove an unwanted piece of body art. Although it can take several sessions to remove a tattoo thoroughly, it is a worthwhile treatment if you desperately want to get rid of a tattoo.

To ensure your skin heals quickly, it is crucial to take good care of your skin after a tattoo removal session. Failing to look after your skin can result in sunburn or a severe infection. 

Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive tattoo removal aftercare guide so that you can make sure your skin is in perfect condition following tattoo removal.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

It can take up to two months for your skin to fully heal from laser tattoo removal. However, you can speed up the healing process by keeping your skin moisturized. 

You’ll notice that your skin may be flaky and dry after the treatment, so it is vital to apply simple, non-perfumed creams to the area. Vaseline is a good choice since it doesn’t contain lots of extra ingredients and acts like a barrier, protecting the skin from bacteria.

Drink Water

Water is vital for healthy skin and more so following a laser tattoo removal session. Drinking at least half a gallon of water per day will hydrate your skin and help it create new skin cells so that it fully heals. 

If you’re not great at remembering to drink water, invest in a gallon-sized water bottle that tells you how much you have drunk during the day!

Do not Apply Products With Harsh Chemicals

Stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals for a few weeks. If you use scented creams or lotions, don’t use these on the treated skin since they may irritate it and cause a reaction.

Likewise, avoid perfumes or makeup since both of these products contain strong chemicals that could cause an infection. Remember that after laser tattoo removal, your skin is ultra-sensitive and so will be unable to withstand products you usually use.

Avoid Jacuzzis

You should avoid hot and high-pressured water in the first few weeks after treatment. While it is important to bathe and clean the area at home, hot tubs and public swimming pools are infection hubs and could be harmful to your skin.

To keep the skin clean, gently soak the area with warm water and pat dry before applying a safe cream.

Wear Sunscreen

Since tattoo removal makes your skin extremely sensitive, you are more prone to extreme sunburn, which could delay your recovery. Even tanning the area can run the risk of postponing follow-up treatments since you have to ensure your skin is its regular color for laser tattoo removal.

We recommend staying out of the sun for a few weeks between treatments, but if you cannot, make sure to wear a high SPF and try to cover your skin with clothes.

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