Getting a tattoo coverup is very common these days. Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal regularly receives inquiries from people asking, “is it worth fading a tattoo before getting a tattoo coverup?” Our answer: absolutely! However, there are some things to consider if you’re thinking about a tattoo coverup:

Why should you fade a tattoo before getting a tattoo coverup?

It’s common for people to think that there’s no need for fading a tattoo before getting a coverup tattoo. Skip the expense of laser tattoo removal and just go straight to the tattoo parlor, goes the logic. While such a plan might be tempting, it’s often a mistake. Depending on the design of the existing ink, the desired tattoo coverup, and the skill of the tattoo coverup artist, laser tattoo removal to fade the tattoo MAY not be necessary.

There are many skilled tattoo artists in Chicago and Munster, Indiana who may be able to successfully execute your coverup with or without laser tattoo removal. If you need a referral, just let us know!

BUT, chances are the tattoo artist will be able to execute a much better tattoo that is truly what you want if you get a few laser tattoo removal sessions prior to getting a coverup. Need more convincing? Take a look at these terrible coverup tattoos.

A tattoo coverup is harder to remove so make sure you will like the coverup BEFORE getting it!

Often times, people make the quick decision on a tattoo coverup without thinking it through. The logic is that even a black block would be better – especially if they’re covering a relationship / name tattoo.

Chances are you’ll come to regret that decision. Blackout tattoos aren’t interesting and you’ll always know what’s underneath. What’s worse, removing the tattoo coverup will take even longer and be more difficult.

How much fading or how many treatment sessions are needed to fade a tattoo for a coverup?

Again, this all depends on the:

  1. Amount of ink / ink density in the current tattoo
  2. Desired design of the coverup
  3. Skill of the tattoo artist

In general, most clients looking for a tattoo coverup ask our certified laser technicians in our Chicago and Munster offices will want 50% fading from their laser sessions before getting a coverup. The number of treatments that will require can vary significantly but is often 3-6 laser treatments with each one spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal offers free consultations during which we can give you a custom estimate based on your unique factors.