Many brides don’t like the look of their tattoo showing when wearing their wedding dress. Bridesmaids often don’t want their tattoos showing on the shoulders, back, and ankles. This often comes up during the dress shopping. If you’re considering removing a tattoo in time for your big day, be sure to consider these things first:

It takes time – don’t delay!

The number of laser tattoo removal treatments required varies depending on a number of individual factors. The range is typically 3 to 10 treatments. Those are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. So, even in the best of scenarios, it would take a minimum of 3 months to remove your tattoo. Chances are that it will take much longer than that. Many people put off booking a consultation for one reason or another. By the chance they get around to it, the timeframe to completely remove the tattoo before the wedding is too short.

Airbrush makeup is a good backup

Don’t stress, in the case that your tattoo won’t be fully removed in time for the wedding, airbrush makeup is a good option. Unlike, heavy makeup, airbrushing looks great and won’t smear. Many makeup artists are skilled in airbrush makeup as well.

Scarring is rare

Many clients are concerned with scarring and, in particular, don’t want their tattoo replaced with a scar. While scarring is certainly a risk, it is unlikely to happen. Be sure to choose and established clinic with experienced laser technicians who specialize in tattoo removal. Don’t be shy about asking their level of experience. Thoroughly discuss risk factors with your chosen laser tattoo removal clinic prior to moving forward with treatment.

It feels like a rubber band snapping – which is much less painless than the wedding planning itself

While laser tattoo removal isn’t a great feeling, it is not terrible either. The folks at do a great job at explaining the sensation and various numbing techniques to help make the treatment more tolerable. Different parts of the body tend to be more sensitive than others. If the tattoo hurt going on it’ll probably pinch a bit coming off.

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