While the winter blues can affect many of us to become hermits during the colder months, try looking at winter in a different light. Think of wintertime as the perfect season to begin your laser hair removal journey. By the time bikini season rolls in, your skin will be ready and fully recovered without a hair in sight.

Say goodbye to countless dollars spent on waxing, shaving creams and razors only to embrace a more streamlined beauty routine without the headache of worrying about the regular removal of unwanted body hair. 

Get comfortable and read on to learn why winter is the best time for laser hair removal

Untanned skin

One of the upsides of winter is that the tanning season will be long over. Why should you avoid getting your skin tanned before getting laser hair removal? Because it interferes with the laser’s ability to work. 

Suppose you are adamant about having tanned skin or planning a vacation to a beachy paradise during winter break. In that case, you should wait at least two weeks after your laser hair removal treatment to utilize tanning lotions or spray tans.

Minimal sun exposure

With the traditional winter attire comprising many thick layers of long-sleeved shirts and pants, the question of when you should start laser hair removal treatments becomes a clear no-brainer. Depending on your hair cycle after treatment, it may take up to two weeks for the hair to start falling out, leaving you with smooth skin ready for the summer season. 

While it is possible to shave off the little fuzzy hairs that remain between your appointments, there is no need to since you will be dressed up to keep warm from the cold, snowy weather. Furthermore, the lack of sun exposure to the treated area means a safer and faster recovery time for your skin.

We still recommend wearing sunscreen during winter because it adds a second layer of protection from the sun’s powerful UV rays. 

Timing (time to heal, multiple treatments, etc.) 

Refrain from assuming that you will need only one treatment for flawless hair removal. Often, it is required to have multiple treatments to get the desired result. Planning ahead and getting your appointments sorted in the winter will give you enough time to heal and prepare for the summer beach season. 

Can avoid excessive perspiration

Sweating is something of a rare occurrence in the wintertime. The cool weather allows us to avoid heavy perspiration when heading outdoors, and this is optimal for anyone seeking to heal correctly from laser hair treatments. ​​Since hair follicles are particularly sensitive for 12 to 48 hours following the procedure, avoiding any activity that could make your skin sweat or heat up is imperative.

You’ll be ready in time for bikini season

Your patience and well-executed timing finally pay off when you see the results of your treatments as the weather begins warming up. Treat your newfound confidence with a new swimsuit and enjoy the splendor of the beach life. 

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