Is it safe to workout after laser tattoo removal?

Many clients wonder if they can workout after laser tattoo removal treatments. The main concern is safety and whether it will harm the healing process and potentially cause permanent damage to the skin. Answers will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

At Bare Tattoo & Hair & Hair Removal, we generally recommend waiting 24 hours after laser tattoo removal treatments before working out. The wait should be longer if you experience any blistering – perhaps 48 to 72 hours or until the blisters are well on their way to healing.

The main concern with a workout after laser tattoo removal is that the tattoo may become more swollen and irritated during a time that proper healing is critical. The increased blood flow is responsible for the swelling.

Moreover, if your tattoo has an open wound and you workout, you are at a greater risk of having an infection. Keeping the area clean and dry and avoiding and contact with dirty surfaces (like gym equipment) will help minimize the risk of infection.

Working out after laser tattoo removal also depends on where the tattoo is located. If it’s located in an area that will experience a lot of stress or friction during the workout, it is better to wait a couple days before working out. Good examples of this would be to avoid doing bicep curls if your tattoo is on the bicep or running after laser tattoo removal on your foot.

As the folks at Eraser Clinic note, in this case, size matters too. Smaller tattoos located on the torso are at less of a risk of swelling than larger tattoos on extremities.

Can you workout before tattoo removal treatments?

Yes, a workout before laser tattoo removal is just fine. The healthier a lifestyle you live, the better. In fact, clients who workout and consume more water see faster results and require fewer treatments! This is because the body is processing the tattoo ink more efficiently.

Remember that this blog does not constitute medical advice. It is the expressed opinion of your expert staff and medical team. Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal recommends speaking with your own medical professional prior to undergoing any medical procedure. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.