Laser Hair Removal Pricing Table

Laser hair removal cost can vary widely. Pricing is largely dependent on the part of the body, laser technology, and business model of the provider. As with many high-tech things, the cost has come down significantly in the past few years.

Why is laser hair removal cost based on size?

Most clinics will differentiate based on size of the treatment area. Laser hair removal cost is based on size because that impacts how long the treatment takes and how many “pulses” of light are put on the laser. Think of laser pulses like miles on a car – the further you drive, the more stress it endures and more maintenance it requires.

Typically the treatment size categories are divided into 3 categories: small, medium, and large.

What is the average laser hair removal cost?

As we have said, price range can vary widely. Our team at Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal has done extensive research and found that the Munster market averages the following:

  • $150 per treatment for a “small” area
  • $250 per treatment for a “medium” area
  • $350 per treatment for a “large” area

There are many areas of the body so Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal has created a size chart. Our laser hair removal cost chart is clear and competitively priced.

How many treatments does laser hair removal take?

Typically clients require 6 treatments to achieve full removal. We’ll discuss this and the laser technology in future posts further.

How does the clinic’s business model impact laser tattoo removal cost?

The short answer: efficiency matters. At Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal’s clinic in Munster, we make sure to control costs and pass those savings on to our clients. We pay top dollar for the most advanced laser hair removal technology and refuse to cut costs there. We achieve maximum efficiency by sharing the lasers among our various offices. It’s similar to the airline industry: the planes don’t make money sitting on the ground.