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Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Greater Chicago

Priced from $79 per treatment!

Pricing varies based on size and estimated number of treatments.

Flexible payment options available to fit nearly any budget. 

Why Choose Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal of Chicago?

Top Laser Tattoo Removal Technology in Chicago

At Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal, we use the most advanced laser technologies available – the Quanta Q Plus C and the CynoSure RevLite. These lasers are top-of-the-line Q-Switched lasers, specifically designed to target all tattoo colors on all skin types in just a minute or so (and with minimal discomfort). See for yourself why we are known as one of the best tattoo removal clinics in Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Unmatched Price Guarantees

We guarantee our work. If you pay in advance for all the sessions we estimate it will take to remove your tattoo, we will refund any unnecessary treatments or provide 6 months of additional treatments for free!

Experienced Laser Tattoo Removal Professionals

Laser tattoo removal is what we do all day, every day. It’s our specialty, not a side job. All of our treatments are done by certified laser technicians under the supervision of Dr. Tolitano. Experience matters.

Minimal Pain

Tattoo removal feels a lot like a rubber band repeatedly snapping. While not a great feeling, it’s very tolerable. Bare also utilizes an advanced cooling device to numb the skin before, during and after treatment.

…but don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients say:

Bare has clearly invested in the best of lasers… I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are looking to get rid of that tattoo you regret.
Kia A.

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… Bare offers a guarantee that if your tattoos are not gone by the quoted number of sessions, they will continue treatment for an additional six months…
Allison C.

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I will certainly recommend the services at Bare to anyone…
Torre G.

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…The shots of cold air definitely are my favorite thing…I can’t imagine any other place treating you better. It would be a mistake not to choose Bare.
Sarah A.

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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Our advanced laser is specifically designed to target tattoo ink, causing the pigment to shatter into small pieces that gradually fade over a series of treatments. Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

The number of treatments you’ll need depends on a variety of factors including location, density, ink colors and skin type. Typically, our treatment estimates range from as few as 3 to 10 or more. Most treatments last just a minute or so and feel like a rubber band repeatedly snapping on the skin. While not a great feeling, it’s very tolerable. We also utilize the Zimmer Chiller that numbs the skin before, during and after treatment to minimize any discomfort.

However, that’s just a quick overview! You can find out more by reading our blog or by contacting us directly. Our team is here to answer any questions and will provide a full overview during a free consultation.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Chicago and Northwest Indiana

What is a PicoSure Laser?

PicoSure is a tattoo removal laser manufactured by CynoSure Incorporated, a company that specializes in developing and producing lasers for the aesthetics industry. The name for the laser comes from the “pico second” pulse duration and is marketed as a revolutionary breakthrough in tattoo removal treatments. The claim is that PicoSure lasers and other picosecond lasers made by other companies result in “better and faster” results than traditional nanosecond lasers.

Is a PicoSure laser or picosecond actually more effective than a nanosecond laser?

Most of the best tattoo removal lasers in the Chicago area are “Q-switched,” which means that they pulse light rather than emit a continuous beam of light. Just how fast does that pulse happen? The speed is called pulse duration. Pulse duration is a complicated topic that takes advanced physics degrees to truly understand and there are multiple ways to define it, the simplest way being power divided by time (i.e. how quickly is the laser hitting the skin and then stopping). If you are interested in researching the topic further, pulse duration is defined and discussed further here.

The logic is that that shorter pulse durations lead to “better and faster results”. Claims have also been made by laser manufacturers and tattoo removal providers that PicoSure and other picosecond lasers can remove tattoos in half as many treatments versus “traditional” nanosecond lasers. This is how laser salesmen approach us to their products for more money AND get clinics to “upgrade” their laser technology. Picosecond lasers typically range in price between $250,000 to $350,000, while nanosecond lasers are typically around $115,000. Of course, this additional cost must be passed on to the consumer – especially if they will need fewer treatments than required by “traditional” nanosecond lasers.

Unfortunately, the dream of “better and faster” laser tattoo removal results isn’t real. In fact, there is a class action lawsuit brought by a Chicago area dermatologist for false advertising of the PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology.

As a prideful small business, Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal looks for the best laser tattoo removal technology available while also offering the best value. Laser salesmen frequently pitch their products in our Chicago offices and present their before and after photos. The results from our nanosecond technology are on-par with the results of PicoSure laser tattoo removal in Chicago and picosecond laser technology for laser tattoo removal and treatment for unwanted tattoos. We see no evidence of the “faster and better” results claims based on their own before and after images. We too have excellent results photos based on comparable tattoos – take a look for yourself!

What can I expect during a tattoo removal session (PicoSure or nanosecond)?

First, modern laser tattoo removal treatments are FDA approved and, when operated by experienced laser technicians, are very safe procedures. The treatment itself feels like a firm rubber band snapping repeatedly. Most clinics using PicoSure or modern nanosecond laser technology utilize a Zimmer Chiller (concentrated cold air) to numb the treatment site before, during, and after treatment. This numbing makes the treatment especially tolerable and most sessions last just a minute or so, depending on the size of the tattoo pigment.

The number of laser technology treatments required depends on a range of factors. Some factors that impact the number of treatments needed include:

  • Quality of the laser (PicoSure or nanosecond Q-switched lasers)
  • Regular maintenance on the laser
  • Appropriate settings used by the laser operator
  • Skin type
  • Ink density and ink color
  • Ink depth
  • Ink quality
  • Age of tattoo
  • Location on body
  • Lifestyle habits (water, exercise, and not smoking)
  • Time between treatments

At Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal, we offer free consultations to evaluate your tattoo and give an accurate estimated number of treatments. See our video for what to expect during your free consultation. Most clients require between 3 and 10 sessions for full removal. Each treatment is spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve maximum fading results (and minimize the overall number of treatments).

2 Great Locations: Chicago’s South Loop & Northwest Indiana

Laser Tattoo Removal in Chicago

Chicago – South Loop

Conveniently located in the South Loop just one block east of Michigan Avenue, close to the highway and multiple lines of public transportation, Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal’s South Loop location has two 30-minute “flasher” zones just outside our entrance on South Indiana.



2037 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616


Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Thursday: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 2:30pm



(872) 215-1746



Laser tattoo removal in Munster, Indiana and Northwest Indiana

Munster, Indiana

Located on Calumet Avenue, just off I-94, Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal’s Munster location serves our Northwest Indiana clients. Ample parking is available in our parking lot.



9339 Calumet Avenue, Munster, IN 46321


Hours of Operation

Monday: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Tuesday: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 2:30pm



(312) 857-3074