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Laser Tattoo Removal Before / After

Laser tattoo removal before and after photos are crucial in helping you determine the quality of any clinic’s work. We’re proud to show off our work to illustrate successful tattoo removal results. These photos are untouched and made possible by the most advanced laser technology in the hands of our expert laser technicians working under the supervision of Dr. Tolitano.

When viewing laser tattoo removal results photos, it’s important to remember that many tattoo removal results photos typically show the BEST results and aren’t great for setting expectations on how YOU are likely to respond. Individual results often vary widely. We discuss some of those factors in detail on our blog.

Be sure to also consider the following factors when evaluating potential tattoo removal providers and reviewing their tattoo removal results photos:

  • Originality – New tattoo removal providers are popping up all the time. When new offices open, these new providers don’t have any original images from their own clinics – so they’ll either get them from the laser manufacturer (if that’s who the laser was purchased and not on the secondary market) or they’ll find them on the internet and pass them off as tattoos they themselves removed. New providers often have little experience on how to safely operate their laser for each skin type and tattoo – making the procedure riskier than it would be in the hands of an experienced technician who knows their laser and appropriate settings. When considering tattoo removal, ask your prospective provider about their experience and whether the photos are original.
  • Authenticity – Reputable laser tattoo removal clinics will show images that are 100% authentic with no attempt to retouch the before and after photos. If you have any suspicion the images have been altered in any way, you may want to consider another provider.
  • Comparability – When analyzing tattoo removal results photos to assess how YOU might respond to treatment, it’s important to compare “apples to apples.” There are many factors involved in successful tattoo removal so simply looking at a photo doesn’t tell the whole story – but it’s a starting point to assess your confidence in the potential removal provider. Not all lasers are the best for all skin types and all tattoo colors. So try to find a tattoo removal photo that is your same skin type, with similar ink density, and the same ink colors.

During your free consultation, our laser technicians will analyze your tattoo, discuss the various factors involved in achieving good results, and show you original, authentic, and comparable photos to help set accurate expectations.