High Quality Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Northwest Indiana

We understand that affordable tattoo removal is important. And we are firm believers that high quality shouldn’t break the bank. That is why we have a mission to make tattoo removal affordable to our clients, without compromising in the quality of service.

At Bare, we are proud to bring affordable tattoo removal services to the Northwest Indiana area, allowing more people to access and enjoy its life-changing benefits.

The Truth About Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal

We offer some of Chicago’s lowest tattoo removal prices. If you are looking for the high-priced Picosure Laser Tattoo removal treatments, we provide equally effective technology at an even better price. At Bare, we offer the Quanta Q Plus C and the CynoSure RevLite lasers for outstanding results in fewer sessions. 

Both machines utilize the same Q-Switch technology as Picosure, with greater reliability and on-par results. Q-Switch means that the laser machine emits intermittent pulses of light instead of a continuous beam. Two important concepts to have in mind when talking about Q-switch lasers are pulse speed and pulse duration. Theoretically, a shorter pulse duration results in faster and better results. Picosure is a machine that employs the shortest pulse duration (a picosecond) as opposed to other devices that operate in nanoseconds.

What truly is the difference between picosecond and nanosecond lasers? Picosecond machines are marketed to skin and tattoo removal clinics as a superior solution technology, with results that allegedly outshine nanosecond machines. These picosecond devices come at a much higher price, and this translates into what clinics need to charge their customers for laser removal services. 

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    The evidence of picosecond being better and faster is highly disputed.

    But the truth is, the difference between nanosecond and picosecond machines is unproven, with nanosecond machines performing just as well. As a team of laser tattoo removal experts, we choose to operate with nanosecond machines that allow us to offer our clients affordable, high-quality services that produce safe and effective results in as few treatments as possible. We love our lasers and our clients. Read our client reviews and see our results to judge for yourself — and schedule a free consultation to learn more!

    Our Philosophy

    We are entirely transparent. We understand that laser technology is a complicated subject that involves the knowledge of advanced physics. But we’re here to help! Our expert research indicates that there’s no superior technology that can claim to be significantly better and faster than the technology we use in our clinic.

    The Bare team is proud to be one of the best tattoo removal services in Northwest Indiana. Our certified technicians use the most advanced laser technology to safely and effectively remove your tattoo in as few treatments as possible.

    We have established a reputation for being the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago — and our reviews back this up.

    How Much Does Tattoo Removal Really Cost?

    Our laser tattoo removal price starts from $79 per treatment and increases based on the size of the tattoo. The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo entirely also varies according to the color and location of the tattoo. 

    If you’re completely set on getting rid of your unwanted tattoo, we are here to help. Our clinic offers flexible payment options to suit any budget, making it easier than ever to enjoy ink-free skin. We also have special tattoo removal discounts for various groups, including police, military recruits, active duty and our veterans.

    The cost of removing a tattoo varies from person to person and depends on many factors.  There’s truly no “one-size-fits-all” plan approach when it comes to tattoo removal pricing, that is why we offer complimentary initial consultations. A consultation with one of our expert laser technicians is the most efficient way to get an accurate estimate of the costs of removing your unwanted tattoo.

    What Can You Expect From Your Appointment?

    We understand that removing an unwanted tattoo is a decision you don’t make lightly, and we are here to guide you on your journey. Although today’s technology has improved the tattoo removal experience considerably, tattoo removal is still a scary thought for a lot of people. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Enjoy a Free Consultation at Bare

    An initial consultation with us serves multiple purposes. From providing you with first-hand information about the treatment to building your confidence and peace of mind, this is a space for you to get familiarized with the treatment process.

    Let our expert technicians walk you through the tattoo removal process, including an evaluation of your tattoo and candidacy for removal, what to expect during the treatment, the risks associated with the procedure, and how to care for your skin after your session. We take our time to thoroughly answer all your questions. 

    Honest and Upfront Pricing

    An initial consultation is also crucial to assess your removal eligibility. Some tattoos cannot be completely removed, and though this is an uncommon scenario, it can happen. An initial consultation is then an excellent opportunity to analyze your options and start planning your journey.

    You will leave our clinic with an ACCURATE quote and estimate of the number of treatments you will need to achieve your desired results. Some less reputable providers give a low estimate initially and then raise that once it becomes clear that the results are not happening. We do our best to provide an accurate estimate on the number of treatments to expect and believe this policy is best for our clients and for our business – we rely on happy clients. This information is invaluable and will help you plan your tattoo removal journey.

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    At Bare, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our clients, which has allowed us to build many excellent relationships over the years. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to help you achieve the best results most cost-effectively. That’s our mission and will continue to be over the years. 

    To learn more about our laser hair removal services, book a free consultation with one of our expert certified laser technicians today!