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Frequently Asked Questions About Chicago Tattoo Removal

Wondering about tattoo removal speed? Hoping to get your laser tattoo removal treatment done quickly? In this post you’ll learn how long a tattoo removal treatment session typically takes and what factors will influence the speed.

Tattoo Removal Speed: How Long Will It Take?

Many people are surprised to find out that laser tattoo removal speed is quite fast. Clients typically require somewhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes of treatment time, depending on the tattoo size and colors. A black tattoo the size of a business card can be done in about 30 seconds. Larger tattoos can take several minutes to a half hour, depending on how many breaks clients wish to take and the colors involved. See us in action here and judge the speed for yourself!

Some Clients Like to Take Breaks Due to Discomfort

Laser tattoo removal speed will also depend on how many breaks you take and the intervals. The pain from tattoo removal will vary depending on:

  • Your Pain Tolerance
  • Ink Density
  • Ink Colors
  • Location on Body

Most clients describe the pain as similar to a rubber band repeatedly snapping against the skin.

Why Do Tattoo Colors Impact the Tattoo Removal Speed?

It seems odd that the color would matter, right? There’s a good explanation for this: the tattoo removal lasers generate quite a bit of power. In order to do this, the laser requires varying amounts of time. The power for wavelengths used on black and red inks, 1064 and 532, respectively, the lasers can generate this energy quite quickly. The laser operator can choose settings that go slowly (1 Hz) all the way up to machine-gun speed (10 Hz). A 694 wavelength for blue, green, and purple inks, which not many clinics can treat effectively is a different story. This wavelength can only operate a 1 Hz. Therefore, it takes longer to finish a tattoo.

How Long Will Your Treatment Session Take?

Good question! If you want to know exactly how long we expect your treatment session to take and you live in Northwest Indiana, schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll be happy to help answer all your questions!