Permanent Makeup Removal

If you are wondering about eyebrow tattoo removal, you are not alone. Many women (and some men!) who have had a process such as microblading (or some other cosmetic tattooing) done eventually look for methods such as laser treatment to reverse the process.

There are a number of common reasons individuals no longer want their “permanent” makeup. Sometimes, the person is immediately unhappy with the microblading results, but fears scarring, and so does not seek out permanent makeup removal treatments. Other times, the person likes the outcome of the tattooing at first, but as time passes, she may wish to update the way she appears. This is especially true for the brows, as age impacts the appearance of his or her eyebrows.

If you are interested in eyebrow tattoo removal (or any other form of permanent makeup removal), but you are afraid of what it may do to your skin, you have come to the right place. At Bare, we specialize in permanent makeup removal, and we offer treatments that are fast, simple, and carry with them minimal chances of scarring.

The Permanent Makeup Craze

Many women tire of putting on makeup (and taking it off) day after day after day. Sometimes, they think that tattooing eyebrows into their skin is the solution. Microblading is the process of tattooing the shape of the eyebrow under the follicles. Ideally, it produces an eyebrow that looks natural and yet darker. Unfortunately, it may not always turn out as hoped.

Aside from tattooed eyebrows, there are other forms of permanent makeup. Eyeliner is a common permanent makeup tattoo. Others are permanent blush or eyeshadow (although these forms of permanent makeup are not nearly as common as eyebrow tattoos). Whatever the exact form, the idea is that by having permanent makeup, the patient will save time and trouble each day. Of course, the problem with the makeup is that it is “permanent,” and may not always produce the appearance that the patient had hoped for.

Methods of Permanent Makeup Removal

Anyone seeking permanent makeup removal without scarring is going to find that is one highly successful method, and many questionable ones. The primary methods of treatment that many people encounter are topical treatment, the use of bonding agents, and laser removal.

Topical treatment involves using creams or other similar concoctions applied directly to the skin. The idea is that the permanent makeup removal cream will draw out the pigmentation from the tattoo. This method is almost never successful, and is generally only even marginally successful if the tattoo is less than six months old. Even then, topical treatment is likely to, at best, only slightly reduce the amount of ink pigment and not achieve complete removal.

Bonding agents involve a higher risk of scarring the skin. This method of permanent makeup removal opens up the skin and applies a bonding agent such as glycolic acid into the skin. In theory, the bonding agent draws the tattoo pigment out. While this type of treatment is somewhat more successful than mere topical treatment, it carries with it a much higher risk of scarring. As such, it is not recommended for permanent makeup removal.

The third treatment option involves using a specialized laser. Laser eyebrow tattoo removal (or any other form of tattoo removal) is simple: a Q-switched Nd YAG laser laser fires short pulses of light into the tattoo pigment. This causes the tattoo pigment to absorb energy and break apart into small pieces. These pieces are naturally processed through the lymphatic system, causing the tattoo to fade and eventually disappear over time. This method of treatment involves very low risk of scarring, and is fast (less than 5 seconds per eyebrow), effective, and permanent.

If you have had eyeliner tattooed onto your eyelids, you will usually not be able to even attempt treatments using topical or bonding agents. This part of the body is simply too delicate, and using a laser is the only way to safely treat the skin here. At Bare, we do not operate on the eyelid because the risk is too great. Some specialized doctors (e.g. ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons) might offer eyelid tattoo removal treatment but we don’t know of any locally. During this process, a metal eyeshield is placed under the eyelid, on top of the eyeball, to protect the patient’s vision.

If scarring is a concern in laser eyebrow tattoo removal (or in any form of permanent makeup removal) it is important that you accept that it is a possibility. The good news, however, is that, as long as you visit a clinic with the proper lasers and experienced technicians who will know the appropriate laser treatment settings for your tattoo and skin type, you have a very low risk of any scarring or pigmentation changes to the skin.

Reasons to Seek Out Permanent Makeup Removal

As with anything, the reasons to consider permanent makeup removal are varied, and differ from person to person. Some people simply decide that they no longer like the way the tattoo looks on their skin. They may consider eyebrow tattoo removal after their eyebrows begin to go gray—and thus contrast, rather than compliment, the eyebrow tattoo underneath.

Others may consider permanent makeup removal because the technician who applied that tattoo made a mistake. A procedure such as microblading is not without its potential for error, and with a tattoo, errors are permanent, unless you opt for a treatment such as laser tattoo removal.

Still others may have enjoyed the results of the tattooing sessions for years, but may be thinking it’s time to make a change. People pass through different stages in life, and what looks good on you when you are 25 may no longer look that great when you are 45. Other people simply wish to be able to change their makeup from day to day, and cannot do so because of the permanent tattoos under the brows, along the eyelids, around the lips, or elsewhere. In all these cases, using a laser offers a way to restore the natural look of the skin with a lower risk of scarring than other methods of permanent makeup removal.

Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

Whether you are considering getting laser treatment for your eyebrow tattoo removal needs, or you simply want to explore some method of permanent makeup removal that is easy, fast, and less likely to leave scars, we are here to help you.

Feel free to visit us or pick up the phone and give us a call. We are happy to arrange a time to meet with you, sit down, and discuss your individual situation. We can help answer your questions about removing tattoos from the brows or any other part of your face. When it comes to reversing the effects of facial tattooing, it’s hard to beat a laser for safety, efficiency, and results.

Laser tattoo removal might seem frightening to you, but if you take the time to learn about it, you will see that it is actually one of the best ways of permanent makeup removal available today. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you look your best, and to achieve your cosmetic goals with as little time and expense as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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